Slovenia is a small country in a big world, nevertheless with all its beauty it does not lag behind in the big world.

We would like to show you all this hidden and beautiful places that this little country has.

Indulge yourself with our organization of your leisure time after your business obligations … We take care for individual visitors as well as the groups and adapt to your time and desires. Our personalization and all in one services satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Capital City

The city with a green soul, as they say in Ljubljana, has a feel of homeliness and friendliness of a small town, as well as a characteristics of the biggest capitals. With us you will be able to explore it in details and get to know the hidden corners known only to Ljubljana’s residents.

Cuisine Cuisine

‘In the morning, eat as king, at noon, as a citizen, in the evening as a beggar.’

This saying will not be true for Slovenia, since cooking masters will spoil you as kings at any time of the day. Slovenia is known to have various types of wines of superior quality and a long-standing brewery tradition that is also located in the center of Ljubljana. Within the Matchbox services we offer you a package where you will have the opportunity to taste the priceless culinary experiences. We will provide you with a taste of the best Slovenian traditional cuisine.


During your stay in Slovenia, we give you the opportunity to get to know different entrepreneurs and explore the environment of your business area.

We have selected a team of professionals to advise you in the business field. Listen to their experience and knowledge of Slovenian business environment, which will at the same time provide you with many opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and expand your business network.

Custom Experience

Do you want an offer that will be dedicated to your experience? Get in touch with us and together we will come up with the right solution for you. We offer you a fully customized and yet flexible experience that suits your needs and desires. For this purpose we have developed a business-tourist program that lasts from several hours to one day and will easily be included in your schedule.